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Update from our first day back out fishing! Headed out with less than favorable conditions (especially with a 3 year old onboard) and the port was closed a few hours after we left. Still, it was so nice to be out on the water - if you watched us live this morning we were greeted with Pancho (the very hungry sea lion), a beautiful sunrise and the full moon descending, plus porpoise just outside of the Arch. Then came some swell, wind, and fog😅 But once we made it offshore things calmed and San Jaime Bank showed us some pretty decent weather. We didn’t have as much luck as we would have wanted but our toddler fisherman caught his first yellowfin tuna! To say he was STOKED is an understatement...Sharing the stoke is what fishing is all about. He helped “rig” the lines, commandeered the boat (Pisces 31’ Ruthless), and almost single-handedly reeled in his fish...

And for those of you that were worried about Pancho, he did get two of our leftover ballyhoo on our way back in 😉

Fishing at this time is only for consumption and with permission from the Port Captain, and we are sharing any fish caught with crew, staff and anyone in need that we know of. We are hoping restrictions and things will be getting back to normal here slowly by June 1st. Whenever it is, we’re ready and will keep you updated. We Appreciate everyone’s support in these times, and look froward to having you back. Please if you have a trip to Cabo booked in the next weeks (even if it’s not fishing) reschedule if possible, so many families and our community depend on it 🙏 Stay happy and healthy! THANK YOU

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